ANECHOIC™ Introduces New Silencer Line – the AnechoX

Hurricane, Utah – ANECHOIC introduces the new AnechoX lineup of ultra-light, ultra-performance, user-serviceable titanium silencers.

AnechoX 223 – An unbelievably light, quiet, full-size suppressor for your AR-15 or fastest 22 caliber magnum rifle.

AnechoX 30 – The best-in-class full-size, multi-caliber silencer for all firearms up to 30 caliber, even 300 Ultra, and 30-378 Wby Mag! Excellent on smaller calibers like 223/5.56mm.  Outstanding performance on subsonic to magnum rifles in 6mm, 25 cal, 6.5mm, 270, 7mm, 30 cal.

AnechoX 35 – A crazy-versatile compact titanium suppressor for handguns to 9mm/.357 cal, and the ultimate minimalist hunting ‘can’ for rifles up to .338 Lapua Mag. Phenomenal no-back pressure results during full-auto and extreme rapid-fire on 5.56/.223.

AnechoX 45 – An astounding compact titanium suppressor for handguns up to 45 cal. The ultimate mini-‘can’ for big-bore rifle hunting up to .458 Win Mag.


ANECHOIC is a technology-driven engineering and manufacturing company, creating the lightest, highest-performance silencers that have ever existed.  Shoot our cans, and we think you’ll agree!  Meet our people, and we think you’ll understand.  Our team includes the top minds in firearms suppression engineering, AI-tuned gas flow physics, advanced metallurgy, precision CNC machining, laser and electron beam manufacturing, and modern sporting arms.


The Genesis of ANECHOIC can be traced to the Engineers developing hypersonic jet inlet ducts at the famed Lockheed ‘Skunk Works’. They created a unique computer program to characterize and minimize the sound and sound pressure levels in and near those ducts. Two of them were avid shooters and firearms entrepreneurs, as well as talented engineers, who retrained that technology to create the ultimate internal shaping for a modern suppressor. You can see and experience the results today in every ANECHOIC suppressor – the revolutionary anechoic X baffle with an interrupted central tube. 

“Thanks and congratulations to the whole ANECHOIC Team for the amazing product you have created.  The last three years of technology and product development have now proven to be worth it.  And, thanks to so many phenomenal shooters for the incredibly positive feedback.  Shoot it, and you will know!”


  • Buck Steele

President, ANECHOIC


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Buck Steele



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