Purchasing a suppressor should be simple. Your chosen Suppressor Transfer Dealer will handle the process, so you don't have to worry about the details. You can purchase your suppressor through ANECHOIC's website or from a dealer in your state. Once you have made your purchase, we will transfer the suppressor to your dealer (about 10 days) for final transfer to you (a few days for individuals with clean records under the new ATF approval system!). 


You will complete the ATF application together when you meet with your dealer in a week or two. The application will ask you for your identifying information and also the same kind of questions they ask for firearm sales, such as whether you have a felony background or use illegal drugs, which could disqualify you from owning a suppressor or a firearm. Additionally, they will take your picture and fingerprints and require payment of $200 for the ATF Tax Stamp and their transfer fee. 


After they submit your application, you will need to wait for ATF approval (now, it will be just a few days for individuals with clean records!). Once approved, your dealer will contact you to pick up your suppressor at their location. On the day of pickup, you will be required to complete some final paperwork verifying that your original answers are still correct. All you need to bring is your driver's license and credit card.

In 42 states, you can own a suppressor if you can own a handgun. You must be a legal resident of one of the 42 states that permit civilian ownership (Not CA, DE, HI, IL, MA, NJ, NY, RI, or DC), be at least 21 years old, and pass a background check. The approval process is now completed in a few days for most individuals, but it still takes months for trusts and those few people with more complicated background checks.

Go to the ATF webpage https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/current-processing-times and look at Form 4 Trust and Form 4 Individual. You'll see huge improvements recently, especially for individuals without trusts. It takes about one week for ANECHOIC™ to get ATF approval to ship your suppressor to your dealer, a few days for shipping, and a few days for your local suppressor dealer to arrange a good time for you to come in and fill out the online application with them. So get started ASAP to get shooting sooner! Most buyers will now have their new suppressors in under a month!

A trust is a legal arrangement that allows multiple trustees to be in possession of the silencers and is similar to a living will. An NFA Trust is a nickname for a trust set up to allow multiple people to legally possess NFA/Title II items like short-barreled rifles, shotguns, and suppressors. You can also use it to hold common firearms or other items you want to pass on. A properly drafted NFA Trust will legally define who is authorized to act on behalf of the trust to possess the items in the trust (the "Trustees"). This can offer you significant legal protection and allow more than one trustee to possess the suppressors in the trust. For example, your friend or relative could possess and use the silencers if they are listed as trustees. Creating an NFA Trust is typically under $100 online and typically $500 at a lawyer's office. The ATF responds very quickly to the established trust formats used by any familiar sources but still takes longer when they see a new format on a new trust drafted by a new source. You have control over naming the trustees, such as your spouse, children, siblings, and/or a trusted friend. You can add or remove a friend or family member as a trustee, even years after the trust was created. The trust is not registered with the government but is provided to the ATF for verification only when your trust buys additional items.


Each trustee can legally possess the suppressors or other items in the trust, so if your Trustee takes a suppressor on a hunting trip without you, he will still be legal. This is especially important because NFA firearms, such as suppressors, are more regulated than other firearms. You don't need to register the trust with the government, but you must submit a copy of the trust to the ATF each time you add an NFA item.


IMPORTANT: Each trustee or responsible person must complete a separate responsible person form for the ATF application each time you add a suppressor to the trust. So, It is more complicated to buy a suppressor in a trust, and it creates more opportunities for rejection and errors, but it gives you more flexibility with possession. For more information, please visit our Gun Trusts page.


*Note: The following is not legal advice; we are not attorneys. The following is an aggregation of information that can be found online.

Safety, comfort, low recoil, less signature, and less noise. Each year, the number of silencers registered with the ATF grows by an astounding 40%! Shooters are learning there are considerable benefits to shooting suppressed. They offer a safer and more enjoyable shooting experience for the shooter and everyone nearby. Savvy shooters are now using them for home defense, hunting, indoor and outdoor ranges, plinking, competition, training, law enforcement, and military uses. They play a crucial role in protecting your hearing and the hearing of others, reducing recoil way better than muzzle brakes, improving accuracy, minimizing muzzle flash and heat signature, reducing ground printing, enhancing the enjoyment of shooting, and reducing noise pollution in the surrounding area.

Yes, our AnechoX 223(L), 30(L), 35(L), and 45(L) suppressors will work with all mounts with a

1-3/8"-24 (1.375"x24) thread.

Visit our Suppressor Use & Care page to learn how to care for your ANECHOIC™ suppressor. Very little cleaning is required for centerfire rifles. Pistols require occasional cleaning, and rimfires require more frequent cleaning inside.

If you visit a well-stocked suppressor store, you will notice that most high-end suppressors are made of Titanium. But why is this so? The reason is simple - Titanium produces better suppressors! It has the strength and corrosion resistance of good stainless steel while being almost as lightweight as aluminum. It can maintain this strength up to about 800 degrees F, which makes it ideal for most suppressor applications. 


The muzzle of a firearm is not the right place to add weight, which is why Titanium is the ultimate metal for those who want an ultra-premium, durable, corrosion-resistant suppressor. If you're looking for an ultra-light, ultra-quiet, ultra-premium, user-serviceable suppressor, then Titanium is usually the way to go!

You can also hunt with a suppressor in 41 of 42 states where you can own one, except Connecticut. The number has been continually increasing. Vermont was added in 2022. Check your local laws for further restrictions. Hunting suppressed is also legal in Mexico, with prior approval, in some European countries, much of Africa, and New Zealand.


*Note: The following is not legal advice; we are not attorneys. The following is an aggregation of information that can be found online. 

You can significantly increase hearing safety, reduce the heavy recoil of lightweight magnum rifles, improve accuracy, avoid ground-printing, and still easily carry your rifle all day.

The AnechoX 35 would be ideal, even though this is only a 30-caliber pistol. A threaded barrel long enough for a suppressor is required, and a Nielsen Device (Recoil Booster) may be necessary for proper cycling. An AnechoX 30 or AnechoX 45 would also work.

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