Warranty & Returns

ALL ANECHOIC AnechoX’s have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturing defects and damage to this product caused by normal use of this product. ANECHOIC™ will repair or replace any suppressor we make, free of charge or at no more than 50% of replacement price. This warranty does not cover damage to our products or host firearm resulting from careless or irresponsible handling. ANECHOIC™ assumes no liability for unsafe or illegal use of the silencer by its purchaser or any other user who comes into contact with the product after purchase. ANECHOIC™ does not cover damage to the silencer or host firearm resulting from improperly hand-loaded, reloaded, previously used, or defective ammunition. This warranty extends to any and all parts as originally sold by us but does not extend to any product altered after the original purchase, damaged through abuse, misuse, lack of proper care or maintenance, or used other than for it’s legally intended purposes. The product is sold “as is” with no further implied contractual rights or warranties beyond those expressly stated herein.

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