Intro Into Buying Suppressors

With the new ATF approval process introduced in February 2024, buying a suppressor is not much harder than buying a pistol. If you’re eligible to own a firearm, you’re likely eligible to own a suppressor. We have outlined a few straightforward steps that you can follow if you’re interested in acquiring a suppressor.

Make sure that you can possess one in your State. Suppressors are currently legal in 42 states, but cannot be brought into CA, DE, HI, IL, MA, NJ, NY, RI, or DC.

Picking The Right Suppressor For You

ANECHOIC™ offers a range of high-quality X-Baffle Titanium suppressors for you to choose from. Our product line includes nine models, four calibers in two lengths, and a little guy for your 22. All ANECHOIC™ suppressors are feather-light, whisper-quiet, and premium quality and define the absolute pinnacle of performance in the advanced-technology titanium suppressor market. “Superior Suppressors, for Superior Shooters.” 

Choose A Suppressor Dealer, Or Let Us Choose For You!

Next, you need to have a suppressor dealer in your state. We have a huge network of suppressor dealers and know the best and closest suppressor dealers in your area. Or you can choose your own dealer. That dealer will file the ATF forms take care of the paperwork and make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Wait for the ATF to do their job

Forget waiting several months; now, you can get ATF approvals in just days! Check out our ATF Wait Times Page for more information.

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