ANECHOIC™ appoints Dylan Rice as Digital Marketing Specialist

HURRICANE, UTAH – ANECHOIC is pleased to announce the addition of Dylan Rice as Digital Marketing Specialist. Dylan will grow ANECHOICS’ market share through social media, influencer, and website initiatives for the company that makes the market’s lightest, quietest, user-serviceable titanium suppressors.

“I’m excited to be a driving force for the success of the ANEHCOIC team. We’re laying out a very ambitious marketing strategy that’s worthy of the incredible silencers the company makes,” said Rice.

Dylan has many years of experience in the outdoor industry and a strong background in digital marketing. Prior to joining ANECHOIC, Rice spent three years at CZ USA, starting as a customer service representative. After over a year of recognized success, he was promoted to Marketing Specialist. From this position, Dylan brought his experience with graphic design and photography.

“We are delighted that Dylan has joined our team and will drive our company to digital success. He’s just the guru we need,” said Buck Steele, President of ANECHOIC. “As ANECHOIC disrupts the suppressor industry, Dylan’s talent will be crucial in spotlighting our premium brand, products, and customer benefits. He will shape ANECHOIC’s march to prominence in the suppressor industry.”



ANECHOIC is a technology-driven engineering and manufacturing company, creating the lightest, highest-performance silencers that have ever existed.  Shoot our cans and we think you’ll agree!  Meet our people and we think you’ll understand.  Our team includes the top minds in firearms suppression engineering, AI tuned gas flow physics, advanced metallurgy, precision CNC machining, laser and electron beam manufacturing, and modern sporting arms.

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Buck Steele



Miranda Cook

Director of Brand Marketing and Strategy


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