ANECHOIC™ And RSR Group: A Powerful Alliance in the Shooting Sports Industry

Hurricane, UT — ANECHOIC™, a premier manufacturer of titanium suppressors, is proud to announce its strategic business partnership with RSR Group, a distinguished distributor in the shooting sports industry. This partnership represents a significant opportunity for ANECHOIC™ to expand its market presence and deliver its state-of-the-art suppressors to a broader audience through RSR Group’s extensive distribution network.

The collaboration with RSR Group aligns with ANECHOIC’s commitment to providing Ultra-Light, Whisper-Quiet, End-User Serviceable suppressors to shooting sports enthusiasts and professionals. By teaming up with RSR Group, ANECHOIC™ aims to capitalize on the distributor’s industry expertise and reach to bring its premium titanium suppressors to a broader customer base.

“I am thrilled to announce our partnership with RSR Group,” said Cody Bennion, Vice President of Sales for ANECHOIC™. ” As ANECHOIC™ continues to experience unparalleled growth in the industry, it was ideal to partner with such a great distributor. This opportunity will bring greater access to our suppressor and accessory inventory for all dealers across the country. We are excited to have RSR Group as a valued partner!”

The business partnership with RSR Group signifies a significant step in ANECHOIC’s growth strategy. The company seeks to further penetrate the shooting sports market and offer customers unparalleled titanium suppressors designed for superior performance and durability.


The Genesis of ANECHOIC™ can be traced to a group of brilliant engineers who shared a passion for firearms. They were determined to create the ultimate suppressor by developing a unique computer program to optimize the internal shaping of the suppressor and minimize sound and sound pressure levels. After much experimentation and refinement, they created the revolutionary X-Baffle Anechoic™ Chamber System with an interrupted central tube. This technology is now used in every ANECHOIC™ suppressor, providing shooters with unmatched noise reduction and improved shooting experiences.

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Cody Bennion

Vice President of Sales


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